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Alexander García Düttmann: What is Contemporary Art?

Alexander García Düttmann

What is Contemporary Art?

Softcover, 128 pages

Date of publication: 25.01.2021

The heart of the political-aesthetic debate

The modern self-conception of art includes questioning giving bodies of knowledge and traditions. Today art is frequently practiced in conformist confirmation of the neoliberal zeitgeist, particularly when it denies its own radicality. What is Contemporary Art? is the attempt to conceptualize the relationship between art and politics for our time.

Alexander Garcia Düttmann’s essay both theoretically apprehends the radicality of contemporary art and shows how it serves to strengthen today’s political ideology: an ideology that frustrates real social change. The book addresses the heart of contemporary political-aesthetic debate.

  • art theory
  • aesthetics
  • art

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Alexander García Düttmann

Alexander García Düttmann

is a philosopher and translator of many philosophical books. He teaches at the Institute for Art History and Aesthetics at University of Arts in Berlin.

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