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DIAPHANES has been active as a publisher since 2001, with its headquarters in Zurich and a project space in Berlin. Editorial care and sophisticated design are the main coordinates of a multilingual book production oriented to enduring relevance in the interconnection of discourse and fiction, art and the humanities. As open to the new as to the forgotten, DIAPHANES wishes to offer a lively place of publication outside the dominant mainstream, and to give productive resonance to a wide variety of forms of knowledge and expression. With a classical print production and an innovative online palette, DIAPHANES addresses an open and critical reading public, for whom books remain an indispensable tool of intellectual interchange. An available backlist of over 850 titles in German, English, and French, together with an annual program of around 50 new publications in worldwide distribution, make DIAPHANES one of the most prominent independent publishers.


In 2017 DIAPHANES also became a quarterly English- and German-language print and online magazine with a focus on contemporary art, critical discourse, and multilingual fiction. Open for the plurality of all forms of imagination and knowledge, DIAPHANES MAGAZINE connects an interest in current tendencies with deep-rooted research, the power of fiction with nuanced judgment, aesthetic excitability with essayistic sharpness, journalistic independence with a certain enjoyment of irritation and controversy. Equally committed  to art and thought, critique and production, DIAPHANES wishes to correlate positions that seek new politics of text and image in the face of conformist regimes of meaning, and to contribute to a renewal of the means of critical apprehension and aesthetic sensibility given an increasingly opaque reality.


DIAPHANES is also an exhibition and project space in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The projects curated at ESPACE DIAPHANES in Dresdener Strasse 118 encompass readings and discussion formats, but also exhibitions and performances. Forms of expression and intellectual approaches of all kinds can be put to the test and debated  against the background of the book program and magazine journalism.