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Brian Massumi

is professor in the Department of Communication Sciences at the University of Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee (Switzerland). Massumi is well-known for his translations of several major texts in French poststructuralist theory, in addition he works with Erin Manning in her research-creation laboratory Sense Lab. His research is two-fold: the experience of movement and the interrelations between the senses, in particular in the context of new media art and technology; and emergent modes of power associated with the globalization of capitalism and the rise of preemptive politics.

Other texts by Brian Massumi for DIAPHANES
  • English
  • 2002
    Parables for the Virtual. Movement, Affect, Sensation, Durham, Duke University Press
  • post-structuralism
  • performativity
  • epistemology
  • crisis
  • Homo economicus
  • community
  • critique of neoliberalism
  • globalization
  • economics
  • body
  • feminism
  • affects
  • political theory
  • post-workerism
  • politics