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Cornelia Sollfrank

(PhD) is an artist, researcher and university lecturer, living in Berlin (Germany). Recurring subjects in her artistic and academic work in and about digital cultures are artistic infrastructures, new forms of (political) self-organization, authorship and intellectual property, techno-feminist practice and theory. As a pioneer of Internet art, Cornelia Sollfrank built up a reputation with two central projects: the generator—a web-based art-producing ‘machine,’ and Female Extension—her famous hack of the first competition for Internet art. Her experiments with the basic principles of aesthetic modernism implied conflicts with its institutional and legal framework and led to her academic research. In her PhD “Performing the Paradoxes of Intellectual Property,” Cornelia investigated the increasingly conflicting relationship between art and copyright. This led to her current research project ‘Creating Commons,’ based at the University of the Arts in Zurich. Her most recent artistic work, the performance À la recherche de l’information perdue, is about gender stereotypes in the digital underground with the example of Wikileaks. The artistic research group #purplenoise, founded in 2018, investigates the potential of social media for political manipulation. Her latest book Die schönen Kriegerinnen. Technofeministische Praxis im 21.Jahrhundert (The beautiful warriors. Technofeminist Praxis in the 21st Century) was published in August 2018 with transversal texts, Vienna, in German, and in October 2019 in English, with minor compositions.
Other texts by Cornelia Sollfrank for DIAPHANES
  • Introduction

    In: Shusha Niederberger (ed.), Cornelia Sollfrank (ed.), Felix Stalder (ed.), Aesthetics of the Commons

  • English
  • 2021
    Aesthetics of the Commons, Zürich, diaphanes
  • German
  • 2009
    expanded ORIGINAL. (Hg. von Sabine Himmelsbach), Ostfildern, Hatje Cantz
  • 2004 generator., Nürnberg, Verlag für moderne Kunst
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