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Dirk Baecker

is a professor of cultural management at Witten/Herdecke University in Witten, Germany. He is also the co-founder of the consulting firm Management Zentrum Witten and a co-editor of the journals Soziale Systeme and Revue für postheroisches Management. His areas of expertise are sociological systems theory and cultural theory.
Other texts by Dirk Baecker for DIAPHANES
  • German
  • 2016
    Wozu Theorie?, Berlin, Suhrkamp
  • 2014
    Neurosoziologie: Ein Versuch, Berlin, Suhrkamp
  • 2008
    Nie wieder Vernunft. Kleinere Beiträge zur Sozialkunde, Heidelberg, Verlag
  • 2007
    Studien zur nächsten Gesellschaft, Frankfurt/M., Verlag
  • English
  • 1999
    (ed.) Problems of Form (Writing Science), Stanford, Stanford U.P.
  • history of science
  • education
  • counter public
  • Bologna Accord
  • interdisciplinarity
  • sociology
  • society
  • historic documents
  • media studies
  • computer science
  • bureaucracy
  • university
  • democracy