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Sara Alonso Gómez

is associate professor in history and theory of contemporary art at Aix-Marseille University, as well as member of the Laboratoire d’études en Sciences de l’art (LESA) and the Latin American Center Zurich (LZZ). For more than a decade, she has developed interfaces between research, teaching, and curatorial practice, at the crossroads of three continents (the Americas, Europe, Africa). Her research on the heuristic tool of “artistic disobedience” allows for a better understanding of the relationship between art and politics on the threshold of the new millennium. It questions the potential for the insubordinate character of the work of art in the face of the injunctions of globalization. Alonso Gómez is the author of several scientific publications and co-curator for Yango II, Biennale of Contemporary Art in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.
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  • politics
  • artistic practice
  • global ecology
  • resistance
  • rhetoric / elocution
  • contemporary art