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Stefan Hölscher

is a research associate affiliated with the MA program »Choreography und Performance« at Gießen University since 2009. He studied at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies at the same university from 2001 to 2008. In this context he developed various projects in close collaboration with other students from Gießen and from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt. At the moment he is finalizing his PhD on the topic »Potential Bodies: Contemporary Dance between Aesthetics and Biopolitics« where he tries to combine receptionist and productionist aesthetic approaches. His interests of research include the works of Jacques Rancière, concepts of the body, political theory, and institutional critique.

Other texts by Stefan Hölscher for DIAPHANES
  • dancing
  • theatre studies
  • globalization
  • body
  • politics
  • community
  • sociology
  • performativity
  • performance
  • gender
  • choreography