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Verena Kuni

is a scholar of art, cultural and media studies and professor for visual culture at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Her curatorial work is dedicated to interdisciplinary projects and programmes at the intersection of theory and practice. Her research and writing focus on the transfer between material and media cultures; media of imagination and technologies of transformation; DIY cultures and critical making; toys and/as tools; visual epistemology, information design and (con)figurations of knowledge; biotopias and techno/ nature/cultures; alternate realities and (trans)formations of time. She has also intensely researched and published on the artistic engagement with occult traditions (19th to 21st centuries) as well as on the aesthetics, politics, apparatuses and technologies of alchemy, magic, spiritualism and parapsychology.
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  • spiritism
  • artistic practice
  • ritual
  • imagination
  • contemporary art
  • occultism