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INTERMISSION: White Noise Ballrooms

11.01.2020, 16:00
Camden Arts Centre, 5-6 Cork Street , W1S 3NX London

‘Now the dead will no longer be buried, now this spectral city will become the site for excavations and lamentations, now time itself will disintegrate and void itself, now human bodies will expectorate fury and envision their own transformation or negation, now infinite and untold catastrophes are imminently on their way…’  Stephen Barber, White Noise Ballrooms



Stephen Barbers book White Noise Ballrooms conjures the political and social parallels between the winter of 1979–80 (the first of Margaret Thatcher’ reign) and 2019–20; as well as urban spaces in transmutation – between late 70s’ abandoned punk-rock spaces to their 2020s’ contemporary emptied-out high-end counterparts.


For the inaugural episode of INTERMISSION, White Noise Ballrooms will act as an umbrella for a series of commissioned performances encompassing experimental sonic explorations, spoken word and moving-image works. These will be presented alongside rare historical footage, within a site-specific installation.


Stephen Barber
Bonnie Camplin
Beth Collar
Racheal Crowther