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Erich Hörl (ed.), Nelly Y. Pinkrah (ed.), ...: Critique and the Digital

Erich Hörl (ed.), Nelly Y. Pinkrah (ed.), Lotte Warnsholdt (ed.)

Critique and the Digital

Softcover, 296 pages

PDF, 296 pages

The computerization of today’s world has fundamentally transformed the sites of and for critique, and it challenges the meaning of critique as such. The subject of critique, constituted through the cultural techniques of modernity, now collides with the digital, which, as a condition of contemporary life, can be seen both as a product of modernity and as its very ending. Digitality severely alters the subject of critique and its spacio-temporal relations; it may even deprive the subject of its potentiality to be critical in the first place. The authors of this volume therefore examine the existence of critique in the digital, asking what it might be and in what settings it occurs.

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Erich Hörl

Erich Hörl

holds the Chair of Media Culture and Media Philosophy at Leuphana University Lüneburg. He works on the conceptualization of a general ecology and publishes internationally on the history, the problems and challenges of the contemporary technological condition. Among his publications are General Ecology. The New Ecological Paradigm (ed., London 2017); Die technologische Bedingung (ed., Berlin 2011); Sacred Channels: On the Archaic Illusion of Communication (Amsterdam 2018); Gérard Granel: Die totale Produktion, ed. and with an introduction by Erich Hörl (Vienna 2020).

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Nelly Y. Pinkrah

is a PhD candidate at the Leuphana University Lüneburg, DFG research training group “Cultures of Critique.”
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  • Introduction

    In: Erich Hörl (ed.), Nelly Y. Pinkrah (ed.), Lotte Warnsholdt (ed.), Critique and the Digital

Lotte Warnsholdt

is Junior Fellow at Internationales For­schungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften (IFK) in Vienna and a doctoral candidate in the DFG research training group “Cultures of Critique” at Leuphana University Lüneburg. Her research is interested in media history, memory studies and forms of critical practices. In her doctoral project she examines the genealogy of predictive media and asks the question of how prediction challenges the conditions of the modern project of critique. She has co-edited the anthology Weiterschreiben. Anschlüsse an Rebecca Ardners »Affirmation und Negation als Figuren der Kritik« (ed., Judith Sieber, Marius Hanft) (Hamburg: Katzenberg, 2020) and, together with Liza Mattutat and Heiko Stubenrauch co-authored “Is Code Law? Kritik in Zeiten algorithmischer Gouvernementalität“, Kritik in Digitalen Kulturen, ed. Laura Hille, Daniela Wentz (Lüneburg: Meson, 2020 (forthcoming)).
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