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Tim Ingold, Max Lamb:
"Materials are constantly astonishing"
(p. 75 – 81)

Tim Ingold, Max Lamb

"Materials are constantly astonishing"
In Conversation with Max Lamb and Tim Ingold

PDF, 7 pages

  • anthropology
  • speculative realism
  • thing/thingness
  • material aesthetics
  • materiality
  • materialist turn

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Tim Ingold

is Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen since 1999. He has carried out ethnographic fieldwork in Lapland, and has written on environment, technology and social organisation in the circumpolar North, on evolutionary theory, human–animal relations, language and tool use, environmental perception and skilled practice. He is currently exploring issues on the interface between anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture and pleads for a reunification of theory and praxis.
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Kerstin Stakemeier (ed.), Susanne Witzgall (ed.): Power of Material – Politics of Materiality

In the last years a new focus on material phenomena has become increasingly oberservable in the arts and sciences. Most diverse disciplines are stressing the momentum and the agency of matter, material and things and underline their status as agents within the web of relationships of culture and nature. The book "Power of Material / Politics of Materiality“ deepens this current discourse and for the time brings materialist tendencies within the arts, design and architecture into a direct dialogue with a range of scientific approaches from a "New Materialism“ within the humanities and social sciences.


This publication is the result of the first year of program at the newly established cx centre for interdisciplinary studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich.